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This kinda stuff never happens to me.. October 7, 2008

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Normal Day. I wake up. Do laundry. Go to college. Hang out with Tracey. Eat food. Go to Barnes and Noble. That’s were it gets kinda awesome. I was looking at the History books, because I wanted to get this awesome history book called 1776..but anyway, and I lost Tracey. I looked in her favorite section, the row with all of the pets/horses books. No Tracey. I finally did find her, in the sex book section man I know how to pick those friends, and we walked back over to the pets row. Which is right by the “teen section”. Out of the corner of my eye I see John Green’s books. So I gleefully stroll over to catch a glimpse at the new Abundance of Kathrines book cover. Then. It happens. I see…PAPER TOWNS. I grab it and call Hanna, who then informs me that IT DOESN’T COME OUT UNTIL OCTOBER 16TH. So I ran that sucker up to the register to buy it. And I asked the guy about it, and he informs me that they put them on the shelves early, and to top it off. I HAVE THE ONLY BOOK. It’s amazing. Seeing how up until that point I had given up on trying to be lucky. It’s nice. I have a copy of Paper Towns. Wheee!!!

So jokes.


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