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Spitfire October 10, 2008

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I admit that I am a very shy person, but once you get to know me I am really funny, I love to talk, and ask questions (ALOT of questions..). Sometimes it’s even hard for me to be mean to people that I don’t know. I don’t like hurting peoples feelings. In fact even if I have something to say that I think might offend someone I won’t say it. So today when I was talking to a family friend, Delia, I told her I was afraid to talk to my insurance company because I don’t like to be mean. She replied with the normal “life sucks” speech. I retaliated with “HEY! Why don’t you call them, your good at making a point, and being a spitfire, because your southern!” Oh man did she laugh. “You just used the word ‘spitfire’ and I’m the more southern one!?”. Which made me laugh. And say “I’ve said the word ‘dude’ more then ‘spitfire’ it cancels everything out”. I think that’s a good argument.But she disagreed with me, while trying not to snort water out of her nose. So I go “All I have to say is ‘Man she’s a spitfire….dude.’ And I’m right back to not being more southern then you, Delia.”

OH! AND  P.S. I finished Double Cross. Holy crap. Four thumbs up!!!! I also saw an amazon video of John Green prmoting his book. And he mentioned James Patterson.I felt like he was talking to me…well he WAS talking to me..from the computer..and ..never mind! ANYWAY! And how everytime James Patterson sneezes two best sellers come out of his nose. It made me sad. And John Green? I’m now starting on our book. I know I’ll love it. It’s ok. I still love you more then James Patterson.


2 Responses to “Spitfire”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Lol, who likes to call strangers and yell at them?


    ryn: Barely alive. anyways, I should absolutely slay him, but….I mean, I always swore that if I was ever weak enough to love a man, he would never treat me this way. I wouldn’t let him…I’ve let go of so much that I swore I would keep…I used to be full of fire and now…now what am I? (dreams of a Phoenix)

    I would never harm a dish in such a manner! Perish the thought.

    Much hope

  2. Shadow Says:

    RYN: if nothing else, at least we can talk, eh? I have no real desire to hit b-ville again. I’m past that now, and it’s cool with me. I don’t know…did you ever have this problem? I’m working on fixing myself now. I know what I am…and it’s not what I’m pretending to be. I know I can be happy with myself if I just stop trying to be the good little empath trying to be what he wants. I mean, he loved me back when I wasn’t trying to please him, so that’s what I should be, right? What I used to be…who I really am…right?

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