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Music October 12, 2008

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One of my favorite songs, even when it’s not in season, is “O Holy Night”. I can tell you right now, that is the most powerful song to me. Well, given that it’s sung right. I’ve always liked it. I dunno what it is. Everything just stops and I am just calm and content. For those few minutes. It’s so beautiful. I think I have like three or four recordings of it from different artists. By far my favorite is Celion Dion. Oh Lord. It’s soo beautiful. I’ve always loved her voice. When I was about 4, I remember begging my Daddy for her latest tape (Which at the time was “The Color of My Love”) I memorised every song, and he had to buy me another tape because I listened to it so much that it broke. I trained myself to hold out all of the notes, and everything. I can’t believe that I did that at 4 years old. Most 4 year olds can’t even tie there shoes.. I was so obsessed with it. I remember driving back and forth to my parents houses (which were 4 hours away) and I would listen to it in Daddy’s van, and we’d both belt out the notes as loud as we could about 500 times. I think the reason I love her voice so much is because it reminds me of those days. Young and carefree. A little girl with pigtails singing with her daddy. That was always what I looked forward too. It’s amazing how those little memories stay with us. Even now…15 years later I’ll sit in my room and sing my ass off to that C.D. I really miss those days. They were the best ever.


One Response to “Music”

  1. Shadow Says:

    ^_^ music is one of the top two ways we remember things (the other being smell). That sounds like good times. Must say she has a lovely voice, and I don’t even like 95% of female singers.

    I’ll get around to your email later for realz

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