Life With A Spin

Slowly going insane… October 18, 2008

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So, for SOME reason my Uncle has decided to block EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE ON THE PLANET. But my email, and myspace. So, I have now decided that I’m buying a laptop. Not just any laptop. A Mac book. I don’t care if there 1,000 dollars, at this point. I have the money. I’m getting one. So don’t try and stop me! I should be up and running with it by next Thursday, or maybe sooner. I also have decided that I need to go shopping. I don’t really have to go. I NEED TO GO. At this moment, I’m wearing a shirt, I bought in my Jr. Year of high school. Ok, so that was like.. 3 years ago, but even still. I think it’s time for a new wardrobe. So, I called on Tracey, and she’s working. Then I called Alex, but he has a big exam at school. Then I called Anthony, but he’s…I dunno doing something more important. So now. My only choice, My four year old cousin Jack. I am just going to make everyone aware here and say that just in case I die from over exposure to a four year old shopaholic….someone better buy me a Mac book, and put it in my grave. I shall return as soon as I have brought home the sacred Apple Laptop. Until then….wish me luck.


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