Life With A Spin

Lillian Binya October 22, 2008

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Folks, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Macbook. In proper Annie tradition I have named her, Lillian Binya “Binya” after her great great grandpappy “Binyard” and her father “BJ” AKA “Binny Jr”. I named her Lillian…well, because its PRETTY. So, LB for short. which ironically stands for Lane Bryant my favorite store.  Huh, i didnt think about all that until right this moment. I also survived shopping with my shopaholic cousin, Jack. He did go a little crazy in the beginning. His favorite color being ” ‘Lellow” i have a crapload of yellow shirts. I am also planing to get new shoes. I have these really cute ones that I wear to work. And they are SLOWLY DESTROYING MY FEET! Holy crap. Cute they are, but they need to have a warning label on those suckers. “Do not wear for more then 15 minutes. In certain cases feet have exploded from pain” SO. Now that i have my own means of internet for the time being. I shall be around oh so much more. I just have to figure how to work this thing. It’s very different from a PC. Some ways it’s easier, but some it’s harder. I just hope I can find some Sims games for Lil.


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