Life With A Spin

Maybe you’ll understand? October 25, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — anntracylynn @ 3:51 pm

i had work today. Woooorrrkkk. it was ok. I didn’t do much, normal stuff. I read during my breaks you know all that crap. I think I’m finally happy with my job. Pretty much all thanks to Kim. Ok, so she was a bitch in the beginning. She was 9 months preggers! I get it. I like having someone like her. I haven’t had a friend like her in awhile. It’s different. Shes not like me, she likes alot of different things then me too. So I’m getting to know other things as well as things I already know and love. I love trying new things. Well, as long as its not food.  Tomorrow is the big day for my kittens, they all get stuff chopped up. Yay! OH! I got a swiffer mop today. I’m so excited. YAY!


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