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Graduation Present October 26, 2008

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So, when I finally graduated high school I wanted to get myself a present. So, i decided that I really wanted a tragus piercing (for those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s the little flap in front of your ear hole.). So, the first time I tried to do it I freaked out. And then I totally forgot about it. So, Kim and her husband Jeremy were getting tattoos 2 days ago and i wanted to go with, well for one, because I’ve always wanted to see a tattoo being done. I mean, how do they do it?! Anyway, Kim thought that because I was there i needed to do something too. So, I decided to get my tragus pierced. Now, I didn’t know this at the time but no one is allowed in the piercing room but you and the piercer.  Now I’m weird about piercings, it’s easier for me to deal with pain if they tell me what they are doing. So, he explained everything. Well, more like i asked 500 billion questions. So, he put the needle in my tragus, which didn’t hurt much at all. It was more uncomfy then anything. The only thing that freaked me out was I heard the crunch of my cartilage. Apparently the jewelry didn’t want to go in my ear so he had to do it again. THEN it didn’t do it again, so he had to re-pierce my ear for a bigger gauge earring. ( from a 16g to 14g) so if your keeping count that’s three times! But it finally went in, and I love iiittt! Although it’s kinda weird talking on the phone. Which I can no longer do on my right side because I told Hanna and she flipped out and got mad at me for not “properly taking care of my pierceing”. But I loves it. And i always want to have it! I should name it…


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