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Sicker then a dog. November 29, 2008

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i am so sick. well, i was sick. er, well i still am sick. i dunno. my mother is convinced that i have a 24 hour bug. which if is true, will be over in exacly 4 mins. i hope. i was supposed to go to walmarts black friday aka blitz. but i got there and BLAAAAAAHHH i hurled all over…the toilet in the womans bathroom. so that didnt go over so well. after comming home, it continued until about 8 this morning. talk about tiring. i really wish i could have stayed with kim there. also, i think my phone is now all the way broke. the screen wont turn on. its really anoying because i need a reliable phone, and its not working. maybe if i throw it it’ll start working again. you know what i really want for xmas? sex and the city. the seasons. but it’s not like i can ask my mother to buy that for that would be hilarous. ahhh, i’ll just buy it for myself i guess. such as life. oh look! my 4 mins is up. i’m going to try and eat. like…a giant sub from subway.


First-time Ebay Buyer November 25, 2008

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SO. I finally got my beautiful green razr phone. I bought it off ebay for one reason. It’s cheaper!!! So, it was delivered to my house and by that time I hadent had a phone in 2 horrible weeks. So I screamed my way to the front door were the bewildered UPS guy was waiting. I probley looked like a rabid teenage girl Backstreet Boy fan. I signed my life away and litterally ripped open the box that contained my pretty green phone. Which i showed to all of my friends as my FIRST offical non-shitty phone. So fastforward a few days, its my day off so I stay at home in my jammies, untill a friend calls asking for my help with some last mintue moving before they close on her home. So, I get up shower, and go over to her home. She deciedes to pick up her tv, which weighs about as much as a small whale, and move it to her car. So we pick it up together, and haul that sucker out to her car. Afterwards I pluck my phone out of my pocket, to check the time. All I see is  CRACKED SCREEN. My beautiful phone after only 3 days of me owning it cracks!!!! It seems I’m only allowed to own POS stuff. Geez. Come on. Am I not allowed to own anything else cool besides my laptop!?


Here it goes… November 19, 2008

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I’m pretty sure that my life might be looking up soon. i hope to go my phone is getting here tomarrow. I’m (at the moment) no longer in a fight with one of my best friends. i’ll actually be able to text her, and recive the texts i’ve missed in these two phoneless weeks. It’s been pretty aweful. i can’t tell the time. Which has always been a big issue with me. I’m always freaking out about time. It’ll be nice when I can whip out my phone and be HOLY CRAP IT’S..BLAH BLAH BLAH TIME! I’ll tell you right now, that’ll almost make life just perfect. Well execpt for the fact that I live in Arkansas, and for some reason everyone is married, and pressureing me to get married. It’s the law to get married before you reach the ripe old age of 20. Yeah, and now everyone’s screaming at me that i’m almost to old to have kids and i’m getting wrinkly.  Word of advice. Don’t ever move here.


Something I can’t quite explain November 17, 2008

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I get attached to people and there lives. It’s just something that’s always been a fact in my life. I feel as if there apart of my family. There problems are my problems. I’ve had alot of friends in my life. I’ve lost most of them. I always blame myself. I did this and I did that. I’ve only ever trusted a few people outside of my family. Make that about 4. My best friend in the world, Hanna. My ex-boyfriend Joey. My best friend Tracey. And a very good friend of mine Kim. Exepct for my ex-boyfriend, I still keep up with everyone’s lives. Even though Hanna lives about 1000 miles away. And Tracey is married, and Kim, is….well Kim. Honestly a friendship with me, is forever. I’m pretty much a dimaond. I am a very loyal person. I would rather give anything and everything to someone else. Because you can see it on there faces, the joy, the laughter, the pure awesomeness. I would rather make someone else happy then do something for myself most of the time. There are few (very few) exceptions. So whenever I loose one of those few, ok 4, people that I trust it’s really hard. Like extreme. It’s like looseing apart of me. I lost my ex, and that was…just painful. Not because i loved him, just because i got to know him so well, it just felt like I lost apart of me when we broke up. I think i’m starting to loose someone again. And I don’t even know if i am or not. But it hurts. I miss her so much. But i’m to afraid to talk to her, I don’t want her to tell me she doesnt want to be my friend anymore. I couldn’t do it. I’d honestly be a broken person. I thought i’d lost her as a friend before, and i couldn’t do it. She had been so much apart of my life for so long..I can’t even tell you how much it hurt me.  I’ve always wondered why I’m like this. My exboyfriends mom always thought I had a sixth sense when it came to certain people. She said I just knew things about people. I knew how they felt, I knew what to do, and what to say… What does that make me?


Ch-Ch-Channges. November 15, 2008

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Ok, so obviously the election has ended and honestly I was relived. Until all of the McCain/Palin people are whining. “Ohhhh, I might as well move to Canada…America’s being run by black people..” Riiight. Have fun there dude. Just because Obama is our new president doesn’t mean that much is going to change. He’s not the only one running the country. Besides how many other presidents have said “CHANGE I’M GUNNA DO IT. WATCH OUT!” And have actually DONE it. Geez. And seriously. Do you actually know anything about Canada? How high there taxes are? How shitty there medical plan is? Yeah, everyone might get free health care, but honestly, no doctor wants to work there because they don’t get good pay, because the Gov’t moderates it. So, you might chop off 3 of your fingers, yeah, they’ll sew them back on, for free. But it’ll probley look like shit. Maybe it’s time for a change, America. We’ve had Republicans in the White House now for 8 years, let someone else control it for awhile. And if you think about it, how much can he really accomplish in 4 years? Most people don’t really understand the way the Gov’t works. All the presidents job really is to veto crap, or accept it and be America’s people greeter. Regardless of how the world works today the people rule the country. It’s how our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence. They hated the British breathing down ther necks, so they wrote it so we wouldn’t have to worry about that. And if he was a bad president, who do you think would win in a fight? A billion pissed off Americans, or one man? You decide.


If you’ve never been there, how do you know? November 10, 2008

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Many people judge me. Annie. She’s sweet, funny, and never wants to hurt anyones feelings. She’s never a bitch to anyone, and always is there for her friends. She could never hurt a fly. I wasn’t just born this way. Things I did, and I swore to myself that I’d change my outlook on life. Nice to everyone no matter what they seem like on the outside. I am determined to be nice to everyone that i can be. You know why? Because, what if that person hates life? What if they don’t want to live anymore? What if you make a difference for that person? That’s how i take every encounter. And besides that, why start everyday thinking it’s going to suck ass? Everyday you need to start new. It’s a fresh day, no problems to deal with from the day before, because that’s over and done with. It’s just what I do. Now.


Holding on to silly little things November 3, 2008

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I wonder why it’s so important to parents, mainly fathers, that girls stay “pure” until marriage? I watched a show on it today on TLC. All the fathers were freaking out and making sure there daughters were apart of this “purity ball” and they were made to promise to stay “pure” until marriage. I thought to myself, what about the boys in the family? Are they excluded from this little family event? Why do fathers souly concentrate on their daughters? Relationships are not only an emotional rollercoster for woman, they are also for men too. So why are they not asked to participate? In the world today men are taught to not show any emotion. When have you ever heard a father tell his son it’s ok to cry? Although the stereotype man has changed alot over the years. Before most men and woman were married at young ages, having children, and growing old. Now it’s all crazy. We’ve got successful men and woman not wanting families. We have men and woman having childeren but not wanting them. Then we have those crazy bible beaters all crammed up in there trying to make everyone “pure”. Were all jacked up.