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Holding on to silly little things November 3, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — anntracylynn @ 7:51 pm

I wonder why it’s so important to parents, mainly fathers, that girls stay “pure” until marriage? I watched a show on it today on TLC. All the fathers were freaking out and making sure there daughters were apart of this “purity ball” and they were made to promise to stay “pure” until marriage. I thought to myself, what about the boys in the family? Are they excluded from this little family event? Why do fathers souly concentrate on their daughters? Relationships are not only an emotional rollercoster for woman, they are also for men too. So why are they not asked to participate? In the world today men are taught to not show any emotion. When have you ever heard a father tell his son it’s ok to cry? Although the stereotype man has changed alot over the years. Before most men and woman were married at young ages, having children, and growing old. Now it’s all crazy. We’ve got successful men and woman not wanting families. We have men and woman having childeren but not wanting them. Then we have those crazy bible beaters all crammed up in there trying to make everyone “pure”. Were all jacked up.


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