Life With A Spin

If you’ve never been there, how do you know? November 10, 2008

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Many people judge me. Annie. She’s sweet, funny, and never wants to hurt anyones feelings. She’s never a bitch to anyone, and always is there for her friends. She could never hurt a fly. I wasn’t just born this way. Things I did, and I swore to myself that I’d change my outlook on life. Nice to everyone no matter what they seem like on the outside. I am determined to be nice to everyone that i can be. You know why? Because, what if that person hates life? What if they don’t want to live anymore? What if you make a difference for that person? That’s how i take every encounter. And besides that, why start everyday thinking it’s going to suck ass? Everyday you need to start new. It’s a fresh day, no problems to deal with from the day before, because that’s over and done with. It’s just what I do. Now.


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