Life With A Spin

Ch-Ch-Channges. November 15, 2008

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Ok, so obviously the election has ended and honestly I was relived. Until all of the McCain/Palin people are whining. “Ohhhh, I might as well move to Canada…America’s being run by black people..” Riiight. Have fun there dude. Just because Obama is our new president doesn’t mean that much is going to change. He’s not the only one running the country. Besides how many other presidents have said “CHANGE I’M GUNNA DO IT. WATCH OUT!” And have actually DONE it. Geez. And seriously. Do you actually know anything about Canada? How high there taxes are? How shitty there medical plan is? Yeah, everyone might get free health care, but honestly, no doctor wants to work there because they don’t get good pay, because the Gov’t moderates it. So, you might chop off 3 of your fingers, yeah, they’ll sew them back on, for free. But it’ll probley look like shit. Maybe it’s time for a change, America. We’ve had Republicans in the White House now for 8 years, let someone else control it for awhile. And if you think about it, how much can he really accomplish in 4 years? Most people don’t really understand the way the Gov’t works. All the presidents job really is to veto crap, or accept it and be America’s people greeter. Regardless of how the world works today the people rule the country. It’s how our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence. They hated the British breathing down ther necks, so they wrote it so we wouldn’t have to worry about that. And if he was a bad president, who do you think would win in a fight? A billion pissed off Americans, or one man? You decide.


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