Life With A Spin

First-time Ebay Buyer November 25, 2008

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SO. I finally got my beautiful green razr phone. I bought it off ebay for one reason. It’s cheaper!!! So, it was delivered to my house and by that time I hadent had a phone in 2 horrible weeks. So I screamed my way to the front door were the bewildered UPS guy was waiting. I probley looked like a rabid teenage girl Backstreet Boy fan. I signed my life away and litterally ripped open the box that contained my pretty green phone. Which i showed to all of my friends as my FIRST offical non-shitty phone. So fastforward a few days, its my day off so I stay at home in my jammies, untill a friend calls asking for my help with some last mintue moving before they close on her home. So, I get up shower, and go over to her home. She deciedes to pick up her tv, which weighs about as much as a small whale, and move it to her car. So we pick it up together, and haul that sucker out to her car. Afterwards I pluck my phone out of my pocket, to check the time. All I see is  CRACKED SCREEN. My beautiful phone after only 3 days of me owning it cracks!!!! It seems I’m only allowed to own POS stuff. Geez. Come on. Am I not allowed to own anything else cool besides my laptop!?


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