Life With A Spin

Sicker then a dog. November 29, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — anntracylynn @ 4:31 pm

i am so sick. well, i was sick. er, well i still am sick. i dunno. my mother is convinced that i have a 24 hour bug. which if is true, will be over in exacly 4 mins. i hope. i was supposed to go to walmarts black friday aka blitz. but i got there and BLAAAAAAHHH i hurled all over…the toilet in the womans bathroom. so that didnt go over so well. after comming home, it continued until about 8 this morning. talk about tiring. i really wish i could have stayed with kim there. also, i think my phone is now all the way broke. the screen wont turn on. its really anoying because i need a reliable phone, and its not working. maybe if i throw it it’ll start working again. you know what i really want for xmas? sex and the city. the seasons. but it’s not like i can ask my mother to buy that for that would be hilarous. ahhh, i’ll just buy it for myself i guess. such as life. oh look! my 4 mins is up. i’m going to try and eat. like…a giant sub from subway.


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