Life With A Spin

A Page. December 2, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — anntracylynn @ 7:35 pm

To many times have I heard, “Yeah, I wanna get married.” “Oh? Who with” “No one right now, i just need to find her. She has to be nice, sweet, funny…You know. Someone like you, but not you..because that would be weird..”

DO I HAVE BOILS ON MY FACE!? There must be something I’m missing. In the past month I think i’ve heard that 5 times. Ok. So I’m not a stick. I’m curvy. Ok. MORE then curvy. I like that about myself. I feel like I’m one of the only happy fat people. The only reason I would loose weight was to be healthier. And just enough to shut my family up. BUT ANYWAY. I think I must have some invisible boils or something.  Either that or I’m forever stuck in the friend zone.


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