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Memories in a box December 6, 2008

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So, I’ve been spending the last few weeks at my mothers house, for a few reasons which i will not bore you with. I’m staying in my old room, which has been voided of all my pretty awesome posters, and now is a cozy little guest room. I’ve been kinda neglecting cleaning because once i do that i have to find places for things to go, and that’s no fun. But anyway, I woke up from a really bad dream at about 4am ( mom and I had watched this really freaking scary movie..) and i couldn’t go back to sleep. So I figured I might as well do something productive. So I started cleaning, moving little things here and there. I didn’t want to open my closet, I had already tried, and I wasn’t successful. Finally I had to open the damn doors because I needed to hang crap up. I yanked at that door for a good 5 mins, before it finally opened. Annnd a box fell over. “Greeeaaat, more shit to clean up” I was thinking, until i looked down at what the box contained. Pictures. A butt load of them. So, trying to distract myself from cleaning my room I grab a hand full, and sit down on the bed and look at them. Most of them I remembered. Family gatherings, Christmas, Our old house in Florida, my 8th grade field trip to D.C. I found a few close to my heart. Pictures of Greg, my late step-father, and our quirky beagle max, who passed away in 2006. I also, to my dismay found a picture, I believe at the homeschooling dance. Of Hanna and I. And she had long hair…weird. I also found a few “books” I made in kindergarten. One of which was made on a very fancy Mac computer, i believe. I’d like to share a few of those poems. Apparently my grammar and spelling haven’t improved much in the 14 year gap. Enjoy!

“toona sandwich”

get sum bred n kud it. put tooona

n a bowl with maonaz. mix thm.

put toona on the bred. slis it. eat it.

After the poem is a drawing of what i believe is a pumpkin and a bed…and maybe a knife?  NEXT.


march 16

Mi Gramo

She luvs me. She  hugs me. She taks me evrewer. She kant kook but she kan set the tabl. Mi gramo hips at skool. I luv mi gramo vere much.

The End.

I remember my grandmother reading that and laughing for about 20 mintues. Also. I believe this is proof, that I am a contributing factor to txt spelling. Sorry guys…


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