Life With A Spin

2009 pt. 2 January 9, 2009

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I was told today that a New Year is suppose to be about new beginnings. Well, what if you did something bad, after the new year started? And now you want a new beginning? Do I have to wait for next year? It would be nice if tomorrow was New Years. That would be excellent. Either that or I could travel back and change a few choice things. I really want this year to be awesome. I mean, ok. 2007 was shit. I didn’t graduate with my friends, and I “lost” my best friend to her now husband. 2008 was good only because I graduated, and the rest was just not good. Because I moved around alot, and I had a 2 month fight with the only friend that has always been there for me. If anything I deserve a good year. A year of…fun, a year of unexpected shit. I wish I was the kinda person who could just go some were. Not worry about what there leaving behind. And just run off and have an adventure. I’d be to afraid. I’d want someone to go with me. What I need is a person that will go with me. We could just go places. Backpacking in Russia, or whatever. Go to London, or Jamaica. At this point I want to go every were.. Will you go with me?


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