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HP &HBP January 14, 2009

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I am about to go into full fledged Harry Potter mode. I was sitting here at 3am wondering if they had a trailer out yet for the new movie. THEY DO. OMG. I was running up to my room screaming “I NEED HARRY POTTER! THAT’S NOT RIGHHHHHHTT! HOLY CRAP!” Yeah, I’m an HP nerd major. I’m the geek in the back of the theater yelling “OMG! NOT RIGHT! NO NO NOOOO!!” I wish the movie came out in November. But I’m kinda ok with it, because that means the Harry Potter thing is kinda…dragged out more then just the next year or maybe two. I know there probley going to make Deathly Hallows into two movies. I heard they were going to do that with Half-Blood Prince, but I haven’t heard anything since. IDK. I really need my books. I left them ALL at my Aunt’s from when I moved. I need to get them. THIS WEEKEND STARTS MY HP CRAZYNESS! I need to read all the books over again. I miss it!! I miss Harry Potter so much. She should have a spin off type thing. Just so Hogwarts can stay alive in our memories just a little bit longer….


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