Life With A Spin

Lazy Days January 21, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — anntracylynn @ 4:00 am

So. I’m at alex’s appartment..thingy. and hes at school. to say the least, because im to afraid to go out and see/talk to any of his Even though one of them I was fairly good friends with in higschool. Also. I’m hungry. But uhm. Yeah apperently people in college DON’T EAT FOOD. There is nothing. Last night for “dinner” me and alex split a beagel with peanut butter. Which had mold on it. (but he informed me if we took off the “infected part” we wouldnt die.) Yeah. I probley should get up. I’m going to pee my pants. But I’ve been up since like… 7:30. Online. They don’t have food, but..THEY HAVE INTERNETS!


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