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Sad January 30, 2009

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Have you ever felt so utterly alone?

Have you ever felt so sad , you can’t even cry?

Have you ever felt so angry you could kill someone?

Have you ever hated yourself so much you wish you were dead?

I have am.


Kinda afraid… January 25, 2009

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TO BREATHE. I’ve been without a good wifi host for like.. 2 WEEKS and I was ready to complain about it too. BUT I think I finally found old host, or someone new! THANK YOU PERSON THAT’S STUPID ENOUGH NOT TO PUT UP A PASSWORD! You have no idea how much this means. Well, I better not get ahead of myself. I mean it COULD go out at any time..but lets hope not. Because I’m pretty much freaking out. Besides that I used my mother’s computer and she was NOT happy about it AT ALL. So, uhm hey…linksys? Yeah, DONT MOVE. I need to steal your wifi. kthxbai.


Lazy Days January 21, 2009

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So. I’m at alex’s appartment..thingy. and hes at school. to say the least, because im to afraid to go out and see/talk to any of his Even though one of them I was fairly good friends with in higschool. Also. I’m hungry. But uhm. Yeah apperently people in college DON’T EAT FOOD. There is nothing. Last night for “dinner” me and alex split a beagel with peanut butter. Which had mold on it. (but he informed me if we took off the “infected part” we wouldnt die.) Yeah. I probley should get up. I’m going to pee my pants. But I’ve been up since like… 7:30. Online. They don’t have food, but..THEY HAVE INTERNETS!


HP &HBP January 14, 2009

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I am about to go into full fledged Harry Potter mode. I was sitting here at 3am wondering if they had a trailer out yet for the new movie. THEY DO. OMG. I was running up to my room screaming “I NEED HARRY POTTER! THAT’S NOT RIGHHHHHHTT! HOLY CRAP!” Yeah, I’m an HP nerd major. I’m the geek in the back of the theater yelling “OMG! NOT RIGHT! NO NO NOOOO!!” I wish the movie came out in November. But I’m kinda ok with it, because that means the Harry Potter thing is kinda…dragged out more then just the next year or maybe two. I know there probley going to make Deathly Hallows into two movies. I heard they were going to do that with Half-Blood Prince, but I haven’t heard anything since. IDK. I really need my books. I left them ALL at my Aunt’s from when I moved. I need to get them. THIS WEEKEND STARTS MY HP CRAZYNESS! I need to read all the books over again. I miss it!! I miss Harry Potter so much. She should have a spin off type thing. Just so Hogwarts can stay alive in our memories just a little bit longer….


NJ-Day 1 January 12, 2009

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I need a job. I’ve gotten lecture’s from everyone in my family about it already today. Annd I can’t go back to college like I was planning on. Which sucks so bad. I wanted to go. It’s like the only thing I wanted to go do. Blllaarrggh. And since my mother called my father to tell all of this too, I’m in more trouble. I hate when my daddy’s mad at me. He doesn’t get “angry” he just lectures me until my ears fall off, and my hand rots from holding the phone. But now he and my mother are talking. I’m pretty sure the house is going to explode any moment. Don’t you just love family?


Adding on! January 11, 2009

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I got fired today. Woo. But I went to a strip club and I kinda feel better.  I need a job…


2009 pt. 2 January 9, 2009

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I was told today that a New Year is suppose to be about new beginnings. Well, what if you did something bad, after the new year started? And now you want a new beginning? Do I have to wait for next year? It would be nice if tomorrow was New Years. That would be excellent. Either that or I could travel back and change a few choice things. I really want this year to be awesome. I mean, ok. 2007 was shit. I didn’t graduate with my friends, and I “lost” my best friend to her now husband. 2008 was good only because I graduated, and the rest was just not good. Because I moved around alot, and I had a 2 month fight with the only friend that has always been there for me. If anything I deserve a good year. A year of…fun, a year of unexpected shit. I wish I was the kinda person who could just go some were. Not worry about what there leaving behind. And just run off and have an adventure. I’d be to afraid. I’d want someone to go with me. What I need is a person that will go with me. We could just go places. Backpacking in Russia, or whatever. Go to London, or Jamaica. At this point I want to go every were.. Will you go with me?