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Graduation Present October 26, 2008

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So, when I finally graduated high school I wanted to get myself a present. So, i decided that I really wanted a tragus piercing (for those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s the little flap in front of your ear hole.). So, the first time I tried to do it I freaked out. And then I totally forgot about it. So, Kim and her husband Jeremy were getting tattoos 2 days ago and i wanted to go with, well for one, because I’ve always wanted to see a tattoo being done. I mean, how do they do it?! Anyway, Kim thought that because I was there i needed to do something too. So, I decided to get my tragus pierced. Now, I didn’t know this at the time but no one is allowed in the piercing room but you and the piercer.  Now I’m weird about piercings, it’s easier for me to deal with pain if they tell me what they are doing. So, he explained everything. Well, more like i asked 500 billion questions. So, he put the needle in my tragus, which didn’t hurt much at all. It was more uncomfy then anything. The only thing that freaked me out was I heard the crunch of my cartilage. Apparently the jewelry didn’t want to go in my ear so he had to do it again. THEN it didn’t do it again, so he had to re-pierce my ear for a bigger gauge earring. ( from a 16g to 14g) so if your keeping count that’s three times! But it finally went in, and I love iiittt! Although it’s kinda weird talking on the phone. Which I can no longer do on my right side because I told Hanna and she flipped out and got mad at me for not “properly taking care of my pierceing”. But I loves it. And i always want to have it! I should name it…


Maybe you’ll understand? October 25, 2008

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i had work today. Woooorrrkkk. it was ok. I didn’t do much, normal stuff. I read during my breaks you know all that crap. I think I’m finally happy with my job. Pretty much all thanks to Kim. Ok, so she was a bitch in the beginning. She was 9 months preggers! I get it. I like having someone like her. I haven’t had a friend like her in awhile. It’s different. Shes not like me, she likes alot of different things then me too. So I’m getting to know other things as well as things I already know and love. I love trying new things. Well, as long as its not food.  Tomorrow is the big day for my kittens, they all get stuff chopped up. Yay! OH! I got a swiffer mop today. I’m so excited. YAY!


Lillian Binya October 22, 2008

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Folks, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Macbook. In proper Annie tradition I have named her, Lillian Binya “Binya” after her great great grandpappy “Binyard” and her father “BJ” AKA “Binny Jr”. I named her Lillian…well, because its PRETTY. So, LB for short. which ironically stands for Lane Bryant my favorite store.  Huh, i didnt think about all that until right this moment. I also survived shopping with my shopaholic cousin, Jack. He did go a little crazy in the beginning. His favorite color being ” ‘Lellow” i have a crapload of yellow shirts. I am also planing to get new shoes. I have these really cute ones that I wear to work. And they are SLOWLY DESTROYING MY FEET! Holy crap. Cute they are, but they need to have a warning label on those suckers. “Do not wear for more then 15 minutes. In certain cases feet have exploded from pain” SO. Now that i have my own means of internet for the time being. I shall be around oh so much more. I just have to figure how to work this thing. It’s very different from a PC. Some ways it’s easier, but some it’s harder. I just hope I can find some Sims games for Lil.


Slowly going insane… October 18, 2008

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So, for SOME reason my Uncle has decided to block EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE ON THE PLANET. But my email, and myspace. So, I have now decided that I’m buying a laptop. Not just any laptop. A Mac book. I don’t care if there 1,000 dollars, at this point. I have the money. I’m getting one. So don’t try and stop me! I should be up and running with it by next Thursday, or maybe sooner. I also have decided that I need to go shopping. I don’t really have to go. I NEED TO GO. At this moment, I’m wearing a shirt, I bought in my Jr. Year of high school. Ok, so that was like.. 3 years ago, but even still. I think it’s time for a new wardrobe. So, I called on Tracey, and she’s working. Then I called Alex, but he has a big exam at school. Then I called Anthony, but he’s…I dunno doing something more important. So now. My only choice, My four year old cousin Jack. I am just going to make everyone aware here and say that just in case I die from over exposure to a four year old shopaholic….someone better buy me a Mac book, and put it in my grave. I shall return as soon as I have brought home the sacred Apple Laptop. Until then….wish me luck.


Music October 12, 2008

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One of my favorite songs, even when it’s not in season, is “O Holy Night”. I can tell you right now, that is the most powerful song to me. Well, given that it’s sung right. I’ve always liked it. I dunno what it is. Everything just stops and I am just calm and content. For those few minutes. It’s so beautiful. I think I have like three or four recordings of it from different artists. By far my favorite is Celion Dion. Oh Lord. It’s soo beautiful. I’ve always loved her voice. When I was about 4, I remember begging my Daddy for her latest tape (Which at the time was “The Color of My Love”) I memorised every song, and he had to buy me another tape because I listened to it so much that it broke. I trained myself to hold out all of the notes, and everything. I can’t believe that I did that at 4 years old. Most 4 year olds can’t even tie there shoes.. I was so obsessed with it. I remember driving back and forth to my parents houses (which were 4 hours away) and I would listen to it in Daddy’s van, and we’d both belt out the notes as loud as we could about 500 times. I think the reason I love her voice so much is because it reminds me of those days. Young and carefree. A little girl with pigtails singing with her daddy. That was always what I looked forward too. It’s amazing how those little memories stay with us. Even now…15 years later I’ll sit in my room and sing my ass off to that C.D. I really miss those days. They were the best ever.


Spitfire October 10, 2008

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I admit that I am a very shy person, but once you get to know me I am really funny, I love to talk, and ask questions (ALOT of questions..). Sometimes it’s even hard for me to be mean to people that I don’t know. I don’t like hurting peoples feelings. In fact even if I have something to say that I think might offend someone I won’t say it. So today when I was talking to a family friend, Delia, I told her I was afraid to talk to my insurance company because I don’t like to be mean. She replied with the normal “life sucks” speech. I retaliated with “HEY! Why don’t you call them, your good at making a point, and being a spitfire, because your southern!” Oh man did she laugh. “You just used the word ‘spitfire’ and I’m the more southern one!?”. Which made me laugh. And say “I’ve said the word ‘dude’ more then ‘spitfire’ it cancels everything out”. I think that’s a good argument.But she disagreed with me, while trying not to snort water out of her nose. So I go “All I have to say is ‘Man she’s a spitfire….dude.’ And I’m right back to not being more southern then you, Delia.”

OH! AND  P.S. I finished Double Cross. Holy crap. Four thumbs up!!!! I also saw an amazon video of John Green prmoting his book. And he mentioned James Patterson.I felt like he was talking to me…well he WAS talking to me..from the computer..and ..never mind! ANYWAY! And how everytime James Patterson sneezes two best sellers come out of his nose. It made me sad. And John Green? I’m now starting on our book. I know I’ll love it. It’s ok. I still love you more then James Patterson.


Perfection in 402 pages… October 8, 2008

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I’ve deciede to postpone reading Paper Towns. I likeJohn Green too much to read it early. But also…I’m kinda cheating on John Green. I KNOW I KNOW. BUT THIS BOOK! OMG. It’s amazing. Double Cross by James Patterson. You need to get it. Like right now. Reading my blog is less important then this book. HOLY CRAP. I had to REread some parts because it’s  Ok, but seriously. Stop reading and go get it. No really. GO!!

P.S. John Green. I’m sorry. I really love your books. But I know you understand, being an overly obsessive book reader yourself.